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Work as a community nurse in Ireland

Community Nurse Jobs Across Dublin and Ireland

Community Nurse Job Description

Working as a community nurse, you will be involved in caring for patients in a variety of settings, ranging from clinics to healthcare centres or even residential accommodation. Community nurses often care for the elderly, disabled or vulnerable patients and may work with children as a paediatric community nurse. There is a wide range of temporary and permanent roles available with Bowler-Bentley Recruitment, you can click on the link here to find out more.


Being a community nurse  

As a community nurse, you would be an excellent communicator, compassionate and respectful towards the unique needs of each patient.

Your daily duties would include the following responsibilities:



The industry standard for community nurses ranges from 38K € to 48K € and will increase based on your number of years of experience in the field. With competitive pay rates, Bowler-Bentley Recruitment will likely be able to push your salary beyond the “going rate”.


Qualifications required

To work as a community nurse in Ireland, you will be a registered nurse with the NMBI (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland) or entitled to be so registered. Furthermore, you will have undergone specialist training in order to hone in on the skills required in community nursing.


Community nursing skills

As a community nurse, you will:


Where can you go with community nursing? 

As a community nurse, your specialist skills are highly desirable, enabling you to progress into a number of different roles. You can become a community nurse who specialises in the following sectors: Geriatric care; Learning Disability nursing, Paediatric nursing and many more.

With experience, you may want to progress into roles with more responsibility, such as a senior leadership or managerial role, or you may want to become a highly-skilled community nurse consultant. Some community nurses go on to be involved in research, publishing their findings and knowledge acquired after years of experience. Community nursing is a great career path that makes for a bright future.


How can you progress in your career? 

New job opportunities arise on a daily basis, so if you are open to a career in community nursing, take a look through our job posts page on our website or get in touch directly. 

Bowler-Bentley Recruitment will not only ensure the right job fit for you but will also advise and support you in your unique challenges, as well as your long-term development. 


Moving to Ireland

We have successfully placed domestic and international community nurse candidates with clients in Ireland. If you are interested in relocating to Ireland for a community nursing role, please get in touch with Bowler-Bentley Recruitment.